Yo!  I’m Sandy Berkowitz, CEO and co-founder #1 of the National Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Network.  Welcome to the debut blog of NNPEN, a collective journey connecting Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs to each other and to start-up resources.  As you can read at the About Us tab, NNPEN is the child of nurse-led start-up failure—and grit.  Get up, dust myself off, unwind failed NP LLC #1, look for new fellow travelers. Paver by paver, future co-founder #2, Beth Chalick Kaplan and I corralled a dozen of her Temple U. DNP classmates into an informal six session study group to grow our business brains and increase our confidence that we could make it as owners of our own businesses. Our finale session was a shark tank, the winner (and only) presentation being a mobile primary care clinic we dubbed Heals on Wheels.  PA Coalition of NPs’ President Lorraine Bock, who had shut down her own 15 year practice for lack of sufficient income, agreed to be one of our Shark judges; we  snapped her up as like-minded co-founder #3. Our fourth co-founder, Lynn Rapsilber, met Beth at the AANP Health Policy Conference in spring 2017 through nothing short of divine intervention.  Full Practice Authority states are the fertile field in which NNPEN will initially toil, and Lynn is NNPEN’s beachhead in a Full Practice Authority state, Connecticut.  [Notice that 3 of NNPEN’s 4 founders are still pushing our home state, Pennsylvania, over the FPA line?]

My idea for this blog is to give you a peek into NNPEN’s  start-up processes, challenges and successes.  Why? In us you may see your start-up’s reflection.  We might be your start-up’s mirror image, and you will see you are not alone in your NP start-up journey.  Some challenges will be different, some the same.  You will comment back, we will share your responses, and an NPE Network may emerge—which we badly need.  This blog is part of NNPEN’s high touch strategy to connect NP Entrepreneurs to each other and to needed start-up resources.  Online member resources under construction include a searchable NPE directory, service provider profiles, EHR systems intelligence, start-up toolkit offerings and webinars that focus on developing  business brains.  NNPEN is a member services organization whose success will be measured not only by how substantial is the increase in number of nurse-led start-ups, but how many start-ups are operating sustainably 15 years from now.  Is this so much to ask?  We think not.

Until next blog,