Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle and Practice
Management Services

•  Revenue cycle management including billing and collections
•  Practice management software
•  Coding and clinical documentation improvement
•  Customized dashboard of key performance indicators
•  Electronic Health Record selection and installation
•  Contract initiation and management with all payers
•  Credentialing
•  Continuing Education

*These services are delivered by PRMS, a trusted business partner and contractor independent of NNPEN. Contact us for an introduction to the PRMS team serving NNPEN members, including their pricing of services for NNPEN members.


PRMS provides a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) [] model, specifically designed for the workflow of the Nurse Practitioner-led practice. Working with PRMS will free up the energy to focus on other areas of improved profitability for your practice in this time of new, exciting and fluid delivery models. PRMS provides the Nurse Practitioner the opportunity to concentrate on her/his patient panel health more, and less on the practice’s billing, collections, and contracting functions day to day.  Front room and back room synergies will help achieve our mutual goal of improved revenue and profitability through accurate claims management.

PRMS will also manage your accounts receivable for your practice through the RCM model by either working in your existing Practice Management (PM) productivity software [] or providing one of the PMs that are available through PRMS. This process, integrated with our RCM model, will manage your claims from intake to payment—including payer refund requests. Lastly, PRMS can provide the practice with a fully integrated and individualized Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard tools to assist in managing your individualized goals at a glance and identifying the areas that may need some collaboration with your office staff or additional education from PRMS.