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There are no risk-free choices, just choices about which risks to take…

NPR On the Media, 10/24/2021

This Summit, like some medicines, will be hard to swallow but good for you. Clear your calendar for:


✓ Ground Zero 1.0 was the Boston first gathering of NP entrepreneurs, asking “Am I ready?”

✓ Four years later we are convening Ground Zero 2.0, NNPEN’s 2022 Value-based Payment Reform Summit.

✓ NNPEN believes it’s time for NP practices to develop critical mass strategies to leverage payers and create the road maps to get there

✓ Ground Zero 2.0 Summit is the birthing of the like-minded community—both NP and non-nursing SMEs-- that will do that work. Come in on the ground floor!

Payers, led by CMS, are leaning heavily into patient-centered arrangements that pay for value, not volume. At the same time, nurse-led practice doors are opening but unless these practices are willing to accept downside risk as well as upside reward, payers will offer only FFS contracts that are not clinically or financially sustaining. More than 40 years of peer-reviewed research suggests that nurse-led practices will flourish once they are participating in outcomes-based payment because the nursing model's core deliverable, patient-centeredness, has fiscal value.

But the average nurse-led practice with 300 patients can't do it alone.

How do we collectively build the critical mass that improves contracting leverage and protects an individual practice from indifferent payers and financial loss--while leaving the practice's essence intact? These are questions that we can anticipate and plan for.

It's not too soon. Value-based Payment is coming. When will it arrive? If in one year, we won't be ready. but we can have a plan. If in five years, we'll be ready if we took action on our plan. NNPEN believes it's time for NP practices to develop their critical mass strategies and the road maps to get there. We also believe our February 2022 Virtual Summit is the beginning of the community that will do that work.

NP practices, nursing educators and payers all have stakes in this fight. Brace or embrace??


Who should attend?

✓Nurse-led practice owners and managers, nursing educators, payers, healthcare access policy stalwarts and funders, NP organizations and others who see nurse-led practices as a basket full of promise

CEU submission underway

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